Unexplained Facts: Enigmas and Curiosities - Rupert T. Gould

This book caught my eye at a thrift store since paranormal phenomena is an interest of mine. I flipped through it and was all "Giants? Sweet". And I bought it.


Parts of this book are great, other parts are what I can only describe as esoteric. I did my best to remain interested through 60 pages of "What islands did Columbus land on initially?", but it was challenging. It doesn't feel like it was written as a nice easy "Hmm, interesting" read but as a genuine argument trying to cover all available data. It came off more academic than leisure. This was verified in later chapters when he would list specific names and occupations of witnesses in the footnotes.


The other reason I call it more of an "academic" read is the language it is written in. Maybe this is because it was written quite some time ago or maybe it's because the author is just plain smarter than I am (I am fairly sure he is) but this was not what I would call an "easy read".


With all that said, the contents are fascinating. Even for subjects that I found tedious, I found myself admittedly becoming slightly involved or interested. It just didn't hold my interest for the entire chapter. But the author was obviously very learned and interested in the topic matter and that at least made it read better than a simple reference book.


Overall, I can't say I'd recommend this book. Some of it was intensely interesting, yes, but it was just all over the map. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing wrong with reading academic matters for leisure, but it's the subject matter: this specific murder account, this specific naval accident, etc. So I guess you can buy this book if you want to have very intimate knowledge of a variety of random odd subjects.