Illusion of Choice - Eric Ponvelle

I received this book for free on Booklikes in a giveaway, which pains me to say that I did not especially enjoy it.


My biggest problem was the writing style. It was very, very basic. "David did this thing. David thought this thought." Not much variation. The dialogue between characters was also often cringeworthy and most of the characters seemed like generic caricatures of what you'd expect in "dystopian future world".


I appreciate the world that the author was trying to create, but I found the way he got there lacking. The jumping back and forth between the two different timelines (I think they were different times? By the end I still was not sure) was a nice idea but poorly executed. The plot itself felt suspiciously close like Farenheit 451, only with more guns. While it's supposed to be a very large world, it felt incredibly small hyperfocusing on this one guy who apparently does so much crap in the matter of a week that it disrupts everything everywhere.


The ending is what completely turned me off. Not because of "wah, it's not what I wanted to happen", but because it just felt damned unfulfilling. The tone of the entire book felt like a video game, like Halo or something with this epic hero, but then the ending is just like *blurt*. I understand that it was supposed to be subversive, playing with your expectations, I just think it wasn't done well, especially since I wasn't given much motivation to care about the ultimate outcome.



It was an ok attempt and I hope the author keeps writing and honing his skill, because something along these lines could be really awesome. But for this one, I'd just have to say "meh".