Dracula - Bram Stoker

It felt somewhat weird reading this book, as everyone in today's society knows who Dracula is and the folklore behind vampires. I spent the entire book knowing more about what's going on than the characters (sans Van Helsing), which can be annoying at times. It makes me wonder what it would be like to experience the book afresh before vampires invaded popular culture and makes me wonder how much said exposure killed the horror of the book.


And yet I still found myself being spooked at certain parts. Any time the Count was doing something involving the main characters, I was glued to the pages. The downside is that much of the book is not this. It is just following around British people being very British. And while yes, that was boring -even tedious at times, I honestly felt that the "exciting" parts more than made up for them.



Overall I very much enjoyed it, especially the last part where the characters assemble the past diary entries into what is, essentially, the book; I love when a book can successfully carry out that kind of meta-thing. And Van Helsing might stick forever in my mind as an iconic literary figure.....or at least as one of the more amusing ones.


I think it's an interesting read on a variety of levels: as a spooky first-hand recording, as a piece of history for vampires and horror, and as....uh....British? British.